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Lantex Spin Bobbins

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Speed up with LANTEX® Phenolic tubes

LANTEX® phenolic spin bobbins continue to be the first choice of nylon, POLYESTER and POLYPROPYLENE fibre producers in more than 40 countries. Use of the highest quality raw materials ensures that LANTEX® phenolic tubes have excellent mechanical strength and machining to the closest possible tolerances and a 100% concentricity check ensures that LANTEX® performs smoothly and safely at the very highest take-up speeds.

spin bobbinsWe have no standard phenolic tube products. We build LANTEX® bobbins to your individual specification and we are only too happy to provide, free of charge, samples exactly to your choice. Choose Langtec we are the number one phenolic tube manufacturers in the UK.

Lantex® Phenolic Spin Bobbins for Filament Yarn Production

Typical Phenolic tubing sizes:

75mm (2.952″) ID x 85mm (3.346″) OD
94mm (3.700″) ID x 106mm (4.175″) OD
140mm (5.512″) ID X 153mm (6.023″) OD
143mm (5.652″) ID X 156mm (6.125″) OD
180mm (7.087″) ID X 194mm (7.637″) OD
Other sizes available on request

Concentricity for Phenolic tubing

As close as 0.076mm (0.003″) T.I.R. (total indicator reading)


LANTEX® spin bobbins are normally supplied with chamfered or radiused ends, a smooth bore and outside diameter machined to a smooth surface. Alternative finishes, such as a fine grooved (rifled) outside diameter, and modified ends (rebated, notched, etc.) are available on request. LANTEX® spin bobbins are also supplied with colour coded ends when required for yarn process identification.

LANTEX® Phenolic Tubes for Polypropylene Production

Typical Phenolic tubing sizes:

82.5mm (3.250″) ID
90.0mm (3.543″) ID
93.7mm (3.687″) ID
Wall thickness is usually 4.75mm (0.187″) but this can easily be varied to suit customers’ requirements.

Tolerances for Phenolic tubing

As ± 0.076mm (0.003″) on inside and outside diameters where necessary.


LANTEX® tubes for this application are normally supplied with a smooth bore and a smooth ground outside and have plain sawn ends. Alternatives, such as ground or highly polished surface, chamfered or radiused ends, or special bore surface to produce better grip on certain winder arbors, are available on request.

Our Phenolic tubes are also supplied with colour coded ends when required for process identification.