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Lantex Paper Cotton Tubes

Lantex Paper & Cotton Fabric Tubes

For more than 40 years Langtec has specialised in the manufacture of a wide range of LANTEX® Phenolic Bonded Kraft Paper and cotton fabric tubes

Which are eminently suitable for both electrical and mechanical applications. As market leaders in this area our investment in research and development over the years has ensured continual improvements in quality to meet the rapidly increasing demands of industrial and technological innovation.

cotton tubesThe following features, which in combination are not available in any competitive product, guarantee a high degree of user satisfaction in the electrical, construction / earth moving, textile, printing and defence industries:

  • High electrical integrity
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Choice of surface finishes
  • Can be supplied as ‘raw material’ cylinders or machine finished to your design
  • Easily machinable by your own labour
  • Can be supplied with steel, G.R.P., aluminium, rubber and other materials incorporated to your requirements
  • Close dimensional tolerances on wall thicknesses
  • Close concentricity where specified
  • Low water absorption
  • Colour coded where specified
  • Rot resistant and non corrosive
  • Lightweight

Twelve very good reasons for using LANTEX® Phenolic Bonded Kraft Paper or cotton fabric tubes.

And there are other considerations, too.

For example, we have a fully equipped machine shop which will undertake accurate drilling, boring, turning, rebating, notching, etc. to your drawings. Also when required your cotton fabric tube can be tested in our materials laboratory to ensure their conformity to national, international, or customer specifications and certificates of conformity supplied. Langtec holds ISO 9001:2000 approval and will comply fully with all quality control requirements.

Paper and Cotton Fabric Tubes Data Sheet