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Filamic Mica Tubes

Filamic Mica tubes are made with a similar range of resins used to produce sheets

So that the same wide operating requirements are met. In addition, reinforcement, such as various types of resin treated glass fabric, can be incorporated during manufacture. For many years, Micanite tubes (made form mica splittings) have been used for applications requiring high electric strength and good heat resistance.

Filamic Mica tubes have several advantages over Micanite:

  • A thinner wall thickness is allowable – this means less weight and less space is occupied
  • Closer dimensional tolerances with Mica tubing
  • Filamic Mica tubing can be machined
  • Much higher temperatures can be achieved without clamping

Filamic Mica tubes are also frequently suitable as alternatives to resin-bonded woven glass fabric, as they are characterised by:

  • High electric strength
  • Good mechanical strength
  • High flexural modulus

Filamic Mica Paper Tubes

Filamic Mica tubes are wound from resin impregnated Filamic foil

And are made to customers’ specified dimensions. It is normal to supply Mica tubing cut to length and machined, as necessary, complete to drawings. Attainable tolerances vary according to the wall thickness and diameter required. Filamic tubes can be supplied in lengths up to 1270mm depending on the diameter and resin.

To meet specific demand, Langtec has developed the capability of producing large diameter, long length Filamic mica paper tubes for furnace and other high temperature applications. We would be happy to discuss specific requirements. Also when required Mica tubing can be tested in our materials laboratory to ensure their conformity to national, international, or customer specifications and certificates of conformity supplied.

Langtec holds ISO 9001:2000 approval and will comply fully with all quality control requirements.

Filamic Tubes Data Sheet