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Filamic Mica Sheets

Natural mica is still one of the best electrical insulations known…

…but it has severe limitations, mainly the small size of available Mica sheets. It has been found possible to make a paper like material consisting of 100% pure mica in continuous rolls without destroying its properties.

By impregnating this paper with selected resins

And laminating under heat and pressure, Mica Filamic sheets and tubes are produced. Depending on the resin used, they are suitable for a wide variety of operating conditions, especially high temperature, high voltage and even high frequency.

Mica Filamic sheets are made from either Muscovite or Phlogopite mica according to the application. Muscovite is the most widely used and is ideally suited for supporting wound heating elements. Phlogopite produces a slightly softer sheet but can withstand marginally higher working temperatures and has certain advantages for commutator inter segment work.

Applications for Filamic sheets are legion, varying from small domestic appliances to power transformers and aerospace industries. Our technical staff will be pleased to advise correct grades for any particular application.

Mica Filamic can be supplied in sheet form

Filamic components

Or punched or machined in our works or, uniquely, can be moulded Ð a process developed at the request of a particular customer for a specific use, but with a variety of applications.

Also when required components can be tested in our materials laboratory to ensure their conformity to national, international, or customer specifications and certificates of conformity supplied. LANGTEC holds ISO 9001:2000 approval and will comply fully with all quality control requirements.

Filamic Sheets Data Sheet