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Engineering Laminates

Epoxy glass tube suppliers and engineering laminates

Engineering Laminates

Phenolic Paper Laminate

These materials offer an economic solution to engineering applications where good mechanical strength coupled with light weight and useful electrical resistance is required. Readily machinable using all conventional processes. Supplied in sheet form, strips, stampings and machined parts.

Phenolic Cotton Laminate

Offer higher mechanical strength than paper and give excellent wear resistance properties. Generally, coarser weave materials are used for higher strength and finer weaves for better finishes and greater dimensional stability.

Epoxy Glass Laminate

Standard grades offer excellent mechanical strength, low water absorption and high electrical resistance properties. Other grades have flame resistance properties and higher thermal operating temperatures. Supplied as sheets or machined components.

Polyester Glass Mat

A versatile material used where good mechanical strength and excellent arc and track resistance is required. Our material complies to NEMA L1-1 Grade GPO-3 and has UL94 V-O flammability rating. Supplied as sheets or machined components. The above is our standard range, but other materials including Silicone Glass and Melamine Glass can be supplied. We would be pleased to discuss your requirements.

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