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Conflict Minerals Policy

Langtec’s policy regarding Conflict Minerals is as follows:

Conflict minerals refers to minerals mined in conditions of armed conflict and human rights abuses, notably in the eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo and surrounding countries. The most commonly mined minerals are Cassiterite (used to produce tin), Wolframite (used to produce tungsten), Coltan (used to produce tantalum), and Gold.

To the best of our knowledge and belief Langtec products do not contain any of the minerals that originate or have been sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo or surrounding countries.

Langtec are committed to working with our supply chain and only sourcing materials from suppliers that share our values regarding ethics and human rights. We are also committed to ensure that any existing or new companies in our supply chain do not fall into these categories by carrying out checks and gaining written evidence where applicable.

Langtec will continue in monitoring the situation regarding conflict minerals and take necessary actions as appropriate in line with any new developments.