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Carbon Fibre Tubes

With the recent acquisition of Shannonvale Fibre tube

Langtec are now able to offer a range of roll wrapped carbon fibre tubing.

Using existing tooling Langtec Carbon Tubes can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes; our carbon fibre tubing can also be supplied using several different fibre weights and weave styles.

carbon fibre tubeLangtec standard carbon fibre tubes are supplied in 2 x 2 twill weave fabric however we do have the ability to customise carbon tubes in order to meet specific mechanical requirements. Fibre type direction and ratios can be changed to alter the structural properties. In recent years the cost of carbon fibre tubing versus metals has become comparable.

Carbon fibre tubing can offer a considerable weight saving over steel

Whilst either allowing increased strength form the same size carbon tubes or the use of a smaller tube for equal strength and reduced weight. Carbon fibre tubes are also resistant to environmental degradation. In summary Langtec carbon fire tubes are manufactured to give the exact properties for the intended application.

Langtec are pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Shannonvale Fibre Tube which now enables us to provide even more choice in carbon fibre tubes.

Should you have a new or existing application do not hesitate to contact us.