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About Us

Langtec have been manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of electrical and thermal insulating materials in sheet, processed to drawing and in tubular form for over fifty years.

Products Overview

We are specialist phenolic tube manufacturers as well as mica paper, phenolic and glass fabric tubes in various resin systems, plus processed laminates in phenolic and glass.

Lantex Glass and Composite Tube

For mechanical strength, rigidity, toughness, low density and dimensional stability.

Lantex Paper and Cotton Fabric Tubes

For electrical insulation, mechanical strength, lightweight, easily machinable and close concentricity.

Filamic Sheets

Made from Muscovite and Phlogopite micapaper for high voltage, high temperature and high frequency applications.

Filamic Tubes

With similar characteristics and uses as Filamic sheet, with good mechanical strength, easily machinable and close dimensional tolerances.

Phenolic Laminates

For strength and rigidity in mechanical and electrical applications. Available as sheets, strips or machined components.

Polyester and Epoxy Laminates

Available as sheets, strips or machined components. Polyester laminates for electrical insulation, high arc resistance and/or high temperature applications. Epoxy laminates for high strength and electrical insulation at various operating temperatures depending on requirements. Silicone glass laminates for insulation at higher temperatures.


We can supply all other types of electrical insulation materials including vulcanised fibre, pressboard, polyester film, Nomex etc. Please contact for details.

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Our Machine Shop is equipped with CNC lathe, CNC milling and traditional machining facilities for precision finishing of parts in engineering plastics and other non-metallic materials. Providing the material can be stamped or machined we can almost certainly provide the shape and finish required.


Langtec products are sold throughout the world to a diverse range of industries, including:

The non-conductivity of the materials makes their application extremely versatile wherever electrical, thermal, high frequency or magnetic insulation are required.

ISO Quality

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The company’s reputation has traditionally been one of quality of product as emphasised by our ISO 9001:2000 accreditation, MOD approval and U.L. (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.:U.S.A.) approval for many of our products. In recent years the company has extended our commitment to quality to include competitive pricing and efficient and reliable service. Our reputation rests on our ability to offer a total quality package to our customers.

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Complete Service

Our considerable experience and knowledge ensures complete co-operation and assistance from initial enquiry to finished component. We are happy to work closely with your development and design department and offer advice on materials and processes to ensure that the most efficient – and economical – solution is found for your application. Since a management buy-out in 1998 the company has invested in modern technology and can respond to meet the demands of customers.

We can arrange to hold stock of your products awaiting call off at your convenience in many instances – please phone for assistance. We invite you to test our service for yourselves. We can assure you of prompt and attentive service.

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