Lantex® Glass Tubes

Lantex® glass, fibreglass tube, fibreglass tubing and glass fibre tubes UK

LANTEX® has been the leading name in fibreglass tubes for over 40 years.

Our glass fibre tubes are made to the most exacting tolerances and LANTEX quality is assured by strict compliance to ISO 9001:2000. Glass fibre reinforcements orientated in prescribed directions are combined with selected synthetic resin systems to produce parallel or tapered fibreglass tubing with pre-determined characteristics, including:

Mechanical strength
Resistance to chemicals & adverse environments
Rigidity and stiffness
Thermal Stability
Electrical properties
Dimensional stability
Water absorption

Woven glass fabrics with the reinforcement equally distributed in the axial and circumferential directions in combination with resin systems such as epoxy, polyester, silicone, melamine and phenolic are used to produce a standard range of glass fibre tubing. Lantex fibreglass tubes conform to National and International Standards.

Where high strength, rigidity, toughness and low density are essentials. Langtec complement the above range using advanced composite materials including carbon, aramid and other materials either individually or in combination.

Mechanical design can be inbuilt using the specific properties of fibres and resin systems.

Our Technical Department can advise on the optimum use of these materials to meet your specific glass fibre tubing requirements, and have test facilities available for technical assistance and customer assurance.

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